Although there are online astigmatism test options available these days, it is essential to understand they are not a proper substitute for an optometrist-administered, comprehensive eye exam. If you think you may have myopia, astigmatism, or any other eye issue, it is to your benefit to schedule an exam as soon as possible. If you are in Portland or anywhere nearby, make Foster Vision your vision center of choice.

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism occurs when the lens, the cornea, or both are improperly shaped, making it hard for light entering the eye to hit the retina as accurately as it should. Blurry, fuzzy vision is the result. It can occur on its own or alongside either nearsightedness or farsightedness. Astigmatism symptoms to be aware of include:

  • Vision that is blurry at every distance
  • Distorted vision
  • Chronic eye discomfort or strain
  • Headaches
  • Problems seeing at night

How Bad Is My Astigmatism? What Causes Astigmatism to Worsen?

Astigmatism can be hereditary or develop over time. (Astigmatism in children is common, so it can affect people of any age.) It can also be caused by injuries, diseases, surgeries, and other similar occurrences. Contrary to popular belief, astigmatism is not caused or worsened by squinting, sitting too close to the television, or reading in low light.

A self-administered astigmatism test can give you an idea of how severe yours might be if you’re curious, but only an eye exam can tell you for sure. As with any potential eye issue, sooner is better than later to see your optometrist and have any problems adequately addressed.

How to Correct Astigmatism

Many of the same treatments used to correct other vision issues are effective for astigmatism, as well. They include popular eye prescription options like eyeglasses or contact lenses. Surgical alternatives like Ortho-K, LASIK, or PRK are also good choices. Your optometrist will be able to tell you more about which of those picks is the best fit for you and your eyes.

Choosing the Right Portland Optometrist for Your Needs

Ongoing vision care is imperative if you have astigmatism or any other eye condition, so it pays to choose your vision care provider with care. If you are in Portland or anywhere nearby, we of Foster Vision can take care of all your vision needs now and into the future. Give us a call today and schedule your first appointment! The sharp, clear vision you have been dreaming about awaits.