If you suffer from dry, itchy, red eyes on a frequent basis, it is likely you want to find a remedy that makes symptoms subside. Making an appointment at Fosters Vision in Portland to see our optometry staff will help you find a solution to the discomfort you are experiencing. Here is some information about the causes of dry eye syndrome and how it can be remedied.

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

When the eyes lack lubrication, dry eye syndrome occurs. This problem causes a variety of symptoms and their intensity level may vary. Some people find that their eyes lack tears, become itchy, and look red when dryness is prevalent. Others feel as if there is a foreign body in their eyes when there is nothing present to cause this sensation.

Conditions That Cause Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can arise from several different scenarios. If the environment you spend time in is excessively dusty or if chemical agents are used routinely to clean it, dry eye can be a result. Many people who wear contact lenses suffer from dry eyes since these vision correction tools block the fronts of the eyes, making it harder for them to retain moisture.

How Having Routine Eye Exams Detect Dry Eye Problems

It is important to see your eye doctor yearly to check the condition of your eyes. Our optometry staff is trained to look for the signs of a dry eye condition during the tests conducted during an exam. They will then make recommendations regarding treatment to stop the problem from continuing.

Treatment Options For A Dry Eye Condition

There are a few options available to stop dry eye symptoms. Avoiding areas that trigger reactions can help to clear dry eyes effectively. Using moisturizing eye drops will add liquid to your eyes at times they feel dry. If you wear contact lenses, changing the brand may be helpful as well.

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