Just as your ability to see can make all the difference in your everyday safety and quality of life, our ability to see inside your eyes can make all the difference in your long-term ocular health and visual acuity. Many of the most destructive eye diseases and disorders can go undetected for years, long past the damage has been done, without regular examinations of the retinas, optic nerves, and other interior structures. If you’ve been resisting this form of evaluation because of the need to dilate the pupils, you’ll be relieved to know that Foster Vision offers advanced, dilation-free digital retinal imaging via our Daytona Plus machine.

What Is Daytona Plus?

Daytona Plus belongs to the family of digital retinal imaging devices offered by Optos, an industry leader in this form of technology. It’s a great option for people who wouldn’t normally sit through the traditional first step in a retinal exam, the dilation of their pupils using medicated eye drops. Pupil dilation offers a much wider view of the inside of the eye than could normally be achieved through the non-dilated pupil, helping eye doctors see problems that might otherwise not be visible. But the process can be uncomfortable, adds extra time to the exam, and may blur vision for some time after the exam is over. Many individuals don’t feel that they afford the extra time and hassle, while children may be especially resistant.

Optos has responded by creating machines that can take a 200-degree panoramic view of the inside of the eye, giving us an extraordinarily detailed, full-color “Optomap” image that rivals what we could see in a dilated exam. In some respects it is even better than a dilated exam. For instance, we can take photographs of these panoramic images in digital formats that provide a permanent record of your eye’s health at this moment in time. The ability to take and compare photographs over time allows us to track an eye disease’s progress with great precision. The Daytona Plus is a compact, convenient Optomap scanner with state of-the-art documentation, monitoring and imaging capabilities.

What to Expect From the Procedure

Compared with a traditional dilated eye exam, getting your eyes scanned by the Daytona Plus couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is gaze into the device, keeping your eye open and still while we take some quick photographs. The Optomap images are then ready for viewing almost immediately. This gives us a chance to go over the images with you, showing you the eye’s structures and explaining our findings to you. The entire process is over in a matter of minutes — with no discomfort, no blurring of vision, and no need to wear sunglasses until your pupils return to normal.

Learn More From Any Optometrist on Our Team

Any optometrist on our three-member team will be happy to tell you more about our Daytona Plus system and demonstrate its convenience to you in person. Call Foster Vision at (503) 546-4460 today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam, complete with retinal imaging!