Your eyes can dry out occasionally, such as when you are in a heated environment, but you should not have dryness on a regular or frequent basis. If you do, this indicates that you have a condition known as dry eye syndrome. This condition can end up causing you considerable discomfort, but there are ways to treat it. Find out more about dry eyes and what you can do about them. At Foster Vision, we offer dry eye treatment to relieve the symptoms of this condition.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

You can have dry eye syndrome when there is a problem with your tears. In some cases, dry eyes occur due to low tear production. In other cases, having tears with poor quality can lead to dryness. You might also have this condition if the tears in your eyes evaporate too quickly, such as when you blink less than you should or when you have an eyelid problem. Underlying medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, can also reduce tear production. Since these conditions are serious, it is important to seek treatment. Our eye doctor can find out what is causing you to have dry eyes and provide the right treatment.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dryness is not the only symptom that occurs when you have dry eye syndrome. You might also have a stinging sensation in your eyes or become more sensitive to brightness. Your eyes might also be red and have stringy discharge. Other symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome include watery eyes, blurry vision and trouble seeing at night, such as when you are driving.

Dry Eye Testing and Treatment in Portland

At Foster Vision in Portland, our optometrist can run tests to determine if you have dry eye syndrome during your routine eye exam. For example, Schirmer’s test can be used to check the amount of moisture you have in your eyes. If the results indicate dryness, our eye doctor will discuss treatment options with you. These might include using eye drops to reduce inflammation, promote tear production or increase moisture in your eyes. Managing underlying conditions that cause dry eye syndrome, such as diabetes, is also an important part of treatment. Procedures to soothe symptoms, such as removing oil gland blockages or closing tear ducts, might also provide you with relief. Our eye doctor can recommend the right kind of treatment for you based on the cause of your dry eyes.

Contact Our Portland Optometrist

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, please contact Foster Vision to schedule an appointment. Our Portland optometrist will evaluate your eyes to determine the cause of dry eyes and provide you with treatment. Contact us today at (503) 546-4460.