The days when people wore eyeglasses only begrudgingly are long past. These days, eyeglasses are as much a fashion statement and an expression of individuality as they are a means of vision correction. But how do you know which frames will best accommodate your face, lifestyle and vision needs? It’s as simple as receiving professional guidance at Foster Vision, where we can point you toward a pair of gorgeous frames that fit your requirements brilliantly.

Eyeglass Frames to Suit Your Facial Shape

Every face is unique, but your face is likely to conform to one of a handful of common overall shapes. It’s usually a smart strategy to choose frames that contrast/complement your particular facial shape in some way. For example, people with very round faces should consider square or rectangular frames to de-emphasize that roundness. A very angular face, on the other hand, can achieve a softer effect by wearing round or oval lenses. A face that is wider at the top might benefit from frames that draw focus to the eyes, while a face that grows wider toward the bottom may be complemented by “cat eye” frames. You’ll also want to choose a color that flatters your natural skin tone.

Facial size is another critical consideration. If your frames are too large, they may slip constantly; if they are too small, they may pinch your nose and ears. Our skilled optical team can advise you on which frame size you need.

Lifestyle and Prescription Considerations

The kind of lifestyle you lead should influence your choice of eyeglass frames. This is especially crucial for the rough-and-tumble lives of children or athletes. In these situations, choose strong, flexible hinge-jointed frames with flexible nosepieces. Rimless or very delicate frames are best reserved for low-impact lifestyles. On the other hand, if you need to maximize your peripheral vision or you can’t afford to be distracted by a thick frame, thin or rimless frames may be ideal.

Last but not least, you’ll need to think about how your vision prescription might affect your frame choice. For instance, if you have severe myopia, choosing a narrower or shorter frame design can reduce the “Coke bottle” thickening at the outer lens rims. If you’re getting multifocal lenses for presbyopia, larger, more symmetrical shapes may give you a larger near segment than smaller or more wedge-shaped frames.

Visit Our Portland Eye Care Center

As you can see, selecting that perfect pair of eyeglass frames isn’t a simple matter. Call our Portland eye care center to get all the assistance you need, from pinpointing your exact prescription to finding your frames! Reach us at (503) 546-4460.