There are plenty of people who don’t see the eye doctor on a yearly basis. Many people will only make an appointment if they are having a problem. This is a mistake. It is essential that you see your optometrist every year for an eye exam. Our eye care experts at Foster Vision in Portland provide several reasons why you should make annual eye exams a priority.

Vision Changes Occur Gradually

In most cases, vision changes occur very gradually. They happen so slowly that you may not even realize that your vision has declined. During your annual visit, our optometrist will perform a visual acuity test to check for any changes in your vision. If your vision has changed, you can get a new eyeglass prescription. You can also be fitted for contacts.

Diseases of the Eye Often Show No Early Signs

There are certain diseases of the eye that show no signs until permanent vision loss has already occurred. Glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration are included in this category. Unfortunately, there is no cure for either of these diseases. There are, however, medications available that can slow the progression of the disease. If you avoid annual eye exams and you have a disease of the eye, you will be delaying the treatment that is vital to preserving your vision.

Early Detection of Disease

An eye exam can do more than detect issues of the eye. There are also other conditions that can be caught during an eye exam. Through examining your eyes, our optometrist can detect the signs of diabetes, hypertension, lupus, multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, cancer, and brain tumors. In many cases, these conditions can be detected before your primary care physician notices them.

Receive Top-Notch Eye Care in Portland

To ensure the health of your eyes and your overall health, you should schedule an appointment with Foster Vision in Portland every year. Our optometrists will test your visual acuity annually to be sure that you are seeing correctly. They will also dilate your eyes so that they can check your eye health. When you see the eye doctor every year, you will have peace of mind that your eyes are healthy and your vision is clear.

Do you remember to schedule an eye exam every year? Let us know in the comments.

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