There are numerous reasons why someone might need to see an eye doctor, and one of the diseases is called keratoconus. It’s a challenging disease to treat and can lead to significant vision problems if not handled appropriately. Therefore, anyone in the Portland area who is looking for an eye doctor should rely on the talented team at Foster Vision. We are here to educate everyone on vision problems, starting with keratoconus.

Below are some frequently asked questions on this debilitating eye disease:

Do patients with keratoconus need to wear different lenses in each of their eyes?

When someone gets contacts, most people who are nearsighted or farsighted have prescriptions that are relatively close in each eye; however, they do not need to be identical. For someone with keratoconus, it can be challenging to find an ideal fit in each eye. Some people even have different brands in each eye. Our talented contact lens specialists will make sure that you have lenses that work well in each eye.

How is keratoconus corrected?

Keratoconus is a disease that impacts the overall shape of the cornea. Often, it sets in during the early teenage years or in early adulthood. Because the cornea is misshapen, the light does not strike the retina. As a result, the vision becomes blurred. Typically, a surgical procedure is done to reshapes the cornea that properly bends the light onto the retina, allowing someone to see clearly.

Is it possible for keratoconus to impact my balance?

Someone’s balance is maintained using a combination of the inner ear and input from the eyes. The two systems coordinate with each other to make sure that someone remains balanced. With keratoconus, the visual system impaired and means that the two systems are not able to coordinate in sync. Therefore, keratoconus can throw off someone’s balance. The doctor can correct the visual system, allowing someone to balance once again.

Can keratoconus remain stable?

Some people think that individuals with keratoconus may reach a point of stability, at which their cornea will stop degenerating. Everyone needs to know that keratoconus varies from person to person, and it is difficult to predict. Therefore, anyone who has keratoconus needs to consult with the doctor to come up with a plan for treatment. Our experienced eye doctors allow everyone the best chance at maintaining their vision into their later years.

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