UV Antiglare Lenses are one option when you purchase glasses at Foster Vision, your eye doctor in Portland, Oregon. It’s not always easy to immediately see why the non-glare coating on your lenses is so important, so we’ve put together a list of some key benefits of antiglare lenses. These coatings are not only helpful, but they could dramatically improve your vision during the day. Here are the top benefits.

1. Your Lenses Will Last Longer.

It’s not usually the first reason that comes to mind, but the anti-glare lenses do last longer. The coating helps to protect your lenses from scratches and other minor imperfections, which means that you won’t have to worry about replacing your lenses as frequently.

2. You’ll See Better.

Anti-glare coatings do exactly what you’d think: they reduce glare. This can help you see more clearly at work, school, on the road, or in any of your other modes of transit. They can also help you see during your leisure time, such as time spent on the water.

3. You’ll Be Protected.

Ultraviolet radiation is damaging to the human body, especially the eyes. Those negative effects are also a big part of why you wear sunscreen to protect your skin. UV Antiglare Lenses are protection for your eyes. They’re effective against the sun’s direct UV rays as well as reflections from other surfaces.

4. You’ll Reduce Eye Strain and Discomfort.

With UV Antiglare Lenses, you’ll also reduce your blue light exposure, which helps you mitigate the effects of eye strain and discomfort. The effect of blue light is particularly noticeable if you’re spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen or other digital devices. Since we all spend more than our fair share of time in front of various digital screens, this is an important feature.

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When you come in for your visit with out optometry team at Foster Vision, our eye doctor will offer you personalized assistance in determining whether or not UV Antiglare Lenses are the best solution for you. At your appointment, we’ll discuss your medical history, test your vision for any changes, and then we’ll explore all of your lens options. As part of your comprehensive optometry appointment, we help you understand the benefits of UV Antiglare Lenses, as well as discuss any other options. Then, we’ll move forward with the eyeglass solution that will best meet your needs.

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