When you schedule your visit with our Portland optometrist for your annual eye exam or a checkup, we believe it is important for you to know exactly what to expect. After all, Dr. Kwon and her team at Foster Vision want you to feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible from the moment you walk into our office. Whether you are bringing in your youngster for their back-to-school eye exam, are an adult with transitioning vision or are a senior looking for new ways to keep seeing the world clearly, we have solutions for you here at Foster Vision in Portland.

Our Portland Optometrist Gets to Know You

You will be asked to fill out a complete health history form to let us lean about your overall health and past vision needs. This form is available on our website, so you can print it and fill out the details before arriving for your appointment to expedite your visit. Our Portland optometrist will have a consultation before beginning your comprehensive eye exam to determine your vision correction needs.

Refraction Testing

Through retinoscopy, Dr. Kwon will determine a base prescription and then use a refraction test to accurately determine your prescription needs. We use a computerized Phoropter at Foster Vision, and the doctor flips lenses remotely as you instruct her about which view through the lenses helps you see the clearest. This modern equipment makes eye exams faster and far more accurate than ever before.

Ocular Perimetry Testing

Dr. Kwon will perform a visual field test (threshold perimetry) to check for any blind spots within your peripheral vision. If detected, these blind spots can indicate conditions such as glaucoma or that brain damage has resulted from a tumor or a stroke.

Eye Cover Test

Our eye doctor will have you cover one eye at a time with a small paddle and then read a segment of the eye chart. As you perform these actions, Dr. Kwon will be observing your eyes to see how well they work together to recognize objects. If issues are detected such as strabismus, we may take precautions to help you with binocular vision or depth perception problems.

Binocular Slit-Lamp Examination

This exam uses a bio microscope and a slit-lamp that gives Dr. Kwon an enlarged view of your eye’s structure to look for any signs of disease or infection within the eye lids, cornea, macula, retina, iris etc. You’ll place your chin on a sanitized rest and look into a machine that shines a light into your eyes for this quick and easy—but essential—eye test.

Glaucoma Test/Tonometry Exam

We will use one of two methods to check your eyes for signs of glaucoma, a serious eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss if left untreated. One test involves using a tonometer to puff a bit of air into the eye while you look at a light. Another glaucoma test involves placing drops into the eyes and our doctor utilizing an applanation tonometer to check for intraocular pressure, the telltale sign of glaucoma.

Eye Dilation Procedure

Using drops to dilate your pupils lets us get a good look at the inner structures of the eyes. This test is essential to let us look for any indications of eye conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Portland Optometrist

Contact Foster Vision at (503) 546-4460 today to schedule a consultation and examination with Dr. Kwon. We look forward to helping you enjoy a lifetime of clear vision.

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