Taking care of your eyes and your vision is just as important as other body parts. It is important to make an appointment at Foster Vision in Portland with our optometrist for an eye exam if you suffer from one of the following conditions.

If You Have A Change In How You See

Most people make an appointment with an optometrist to check their vision if they start to have difficulty seeing things that they were able to see clearly in the past. Our optometrist will conduct an exam and determine if you are indeed in need of corrective lenses or a change in your current prescription. It is best to see our practitioner at the first signs of a problem so correction is made quickly, possibly helping to keep vision from deteriorating further as a result.

If You Have Pain In Your Eyes

If you are suffering from any type of pain or discomfort in your eyes, a trip to our practice is needed right away. Our optometrist will determine whether you have a condition causing this discomfort and the appropriate remedies to stop it from occurring. If the condition is severe, they will discuss your options and help you decide on a treatment plan as necessary.

If You Notice Lights Or Shadows

Some people notice bright lights in front of their eyes, obstructing their vision when they have retinal damage. If you notice floaters or moving dots of lights, make sure to make an appointment immediately as this condition could cause you to lose your vision if it is not treated promptly. If you notice shadowed portions within your vision, where some spots are easy to see and others are darkened, you may be suffering from macular degeneration.

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If you have concerns about your vision, make an eye exam with our optometrist at Foster Vision in Portland to obtain treatment or vision correction as needed. Contact us at (503) 546-4460.

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